Introducing Mora Armatur

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Mora Armatur is one of Scandinavia’s leading developers and marketers of sanitary fittings (mixers for kitchens and bathrooms). Our head office is in Mora, Sweden. We are well-known in the water and sanitation industry as an innovative company offering elegance, good function and high quality.

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Mora Armatur is part of the Swedish OSTNOR Group, which manufactures our products in rational state-of-the-art production facilities where we never compromise on our long tradition of high quality. We focus strongly on quality at all stages – from product development, design and production until the product reaches the end user.

We have a documented tradition of high quality. Our quality and environmental management systems are certified under the international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

  • ISO 9001Our quality system was certified in 1993 according to the international ISO 9001 quality standard. Everyone at Mora Armatur works to ensure the high quality of our products and services. Applying the ISO 9001 quality standard enables us to consistently eliminate any sources of faults and errors. Quality is constantly controlled throughout the production process (from product development until the product reaches the end customer). Quality at all stages.
  • ISO 14001Mora Armatur has an active environmental policy. As part of this policy, our environmental management system was certified on 10 March 2000 according to the international ISO 14001 environmental management standard.
  • Mora Guarantee Mora Armatur products are guaranteed for 2 years starting from the purchase date, or, if there is no purchase date, for 2 years after first use of the product (the customer must be able to prove the date of the final inspection of the installed product). Manufacturing and material faults are covered by guarantee for five (5) years starting from the purchase date.Spare parts available for 10 years after the mixer is discontinued Our products are of high quality and designed to be used for many years. Mora Armatur supplies spare parts to maintain correct function for at least 10 years after the mixer is discontinued from Mora Armatur’s range. For accessories and shower systems, we guarantee supply of replacement products or equivalent materials to maintain product function. For coated products that are not chrome-plated, we guarantee spare parts for 2 years after the product is discontinued from Mora Armatur’s range.


Mora Armatur History

Mora Armatur was founded in 1927 in the village of Östnor near Mora in central Sweden by Frost Karl Mattsson and his wife Anna Maria. Here is a look back at the history of Mora Armatur and the village of Östnor.

The farmers in Mora lived in harsh conditions in the 18th century. The lean soil yielded such poor harvests that the villagers were obliged to find alternative means of survival. To supplement their income, the villagers of Östnor in Mora turned their hand to clock making, producing the now famous Mora clocks. When the day’s work in the fields was done, they would retire indoors and continue working on their clocks. This laid the groundwork for the craft tradition that is one of the region’s greatest resources today.

Their clock making gave the villagers knowledge and experience of working with brass. The whole village was like a large clock workshop. The local making activities almost died out in the mid 19th century due to competition from cheaper and lower quality clocks from Germany and the USA.

Instead, Östnor started manufacturing Sweden’s first sewing machines. After twelve years of production, the sewing machine prices dropped so low during the prevailing economic depression that the factory owners could not make satisfactory profits.
The next local enterprise was initiated by two natives of Östnor, Finn Anders Andersson and Frost Matts Mattsson.

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Finn Anders started producing the traditional Mora knives that are now sold worldwide. In the mid 19th century, Frost Mats Mattsson, a brazier, started casting clock wheels for the Mora clock manufacturers. He also produced ornaments for local traditional costumes, horse bells and saddle components. In 1876 he cast his first tap, which triggered the start of Östnor’s famous sanitary fittings industry.

Frost Mats Mattsson died in 1914. By this time, his sons Anders and Karl had assumed the management of their father’s factory (FM Mattsson).
In 1926, FM Mattsson’s operations were brought to a stop by a year-long strike. This caused Frost Karl to start his own factory, Mora Armatur, the following year. Frost Karl took with him twelve workers from the old company.

Today, both companies hold approximately 80% of the Swedish sanitary fittings market, and are competitors in several other countries. However, the two companies’ headquarters are still only a stone’s throw apart in their native village of Östnor.