The Swedish Shower Company is part of the Challis Water Controls Group, a family run firm based in Cookham Berkshire and the largest manufacture of water and energy saving products in the UK. Challis products are already in over 4 million UK homes.  With over 15 years in partnership with FM Mattson & Mora Armatur, Swedens market leaders in showers & taps,  Challis are pleased to announce the launch of our new retail web site.  Bringing you direct from Sweden a level of design and technical excellence that up till now has only been available in Scandinavia.

The Swedish Shower Company was born out of a demand from our customers to provide a one stop shop where customers can buy elegant & beautifully designed complete shower systems that will provide trouble free service for decades, not months.

Combining design, quality, reliability and safety in one complete package.
Our primary goal throughout our business is Simplicity.
Simplicity in form and function.

Taking complex problems and providing simple solutions.
Keeping things simple means there is less to go wrong.


If you are looking for simple solutions, value for money, performance, elegant timeless design, quality, reliability and safety, all in one package
Congratulations you have come to the right place.
No one has ever worried about investing in quality!

Quality reliability and a long working life seldom go hand in hand with budget warehouse prices.
Some customers are still surprised when their shower system that they bought on the internet for under £100 falls apart and needs replacing after 6 months
You do indeed get exactly what you pay for!
If you are looking for a budget shower and all the problems that it brings, may we respectfully suggest other web sites.


Here at the Swedish Shower Company we realise that changing your bathroom is a big investment and a very infrequent exercise.  So picking the right shower system that will provide decades of trouble free use and still look great should be a key part to the buying decision.

At the Swedish Shower Company we supply only the best showers and taps in the world from Scandinavia’s leading manufacturers FM Mattsson & Mora Armatur, ensuring you benefit from the classic design, unrivalled technical expertise and Swedish engineering.