MMIX Tronic

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MMIX Tronic

Mora MMIX Tronic 720080
Mora MMIX Tronic is a new sensor-controlled mixer with a design that suits modern bathrooms.
Touch-free mixers started out in public facilities, but are increasingly finding their way into modern homes. A sensor detects when you put your hands underneath the mixer and automatically activates the water flow until you remove your hands. Hygienic, energy efficient and childishly simple.

  • With temperature knob
  • Safe against vandalism, complete in metal
  • Eco (Energy and water saving aerator 5 l/min)
  • Flush Timeout – safety shut-off to prevent flooding
  • 30 sec. rinse time via sensor
  • Can be turned off for 60 sec. (eg for cleaning)
  • Low power consumption – Long life
  • Can be flushed through with hot water for legionella decontamination
  • IP class sensor, IP67
  • Environmental friendly material, Lead free, Nickel Free
  • Automatic sensor calibration
  • After adjusting to the desired temperature, knob can be replaced with a lid
  • All models can be adapted for either battery or mains operation 12V AC/DC
  • Soft Pex® hoses with non return valves and filters (stainless steel braided)
  • Hole diameter Ø33,5-37 mm
  • Adjustable max temperature
  • Programmable function for hygiene flushing
  • Adjustable flush time
  • 720081 are delivered with a cable for centrally controlled hygiene flushing
  • Flushing takes place when the inlet is closed

Chrome, battery operation, incl. battery – MA No. 72 00 80


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